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Here’s a recap of the alternate universe “if sailor moon were set in a art nouveau paris 1900 world. 

I wish to have time to do maybe 3 more like this 

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The Avengers as a Western

Steve is the Sheriff. Clint is his deputy. Tony is the Blacksmith. Natasha runs the Saloon. Bruce is the physician with a split personality and Thor gets into a hell of a lot of tavern brawls.

Together, however, they manage to bring order to the once corrupt town of Triskelion.

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Britney is younger than Bey…

white people age like milk lol


yeah. the stress of having your parents financially dependent on you since childhood, learning disabilities, mental illness, two divorces, and drug and alcohol abuse will age you. 

not to say bey has had it easier since you know, racism. but bey definitely has class privilege and as far as we know, health/ability privilege over britney. but yeah, go on and say how poorly britney has aged. It’s not like she’s been working and paying her family’s bills since she was like 15.

I have to agree on this…it’s not fair to make racial comments about one woman in comparison to another. As women, we need to be trying to cooperate with each other, not tear each other down. It only perpetuates an endless damaging cycle, in my humble opinion.

Not to mention the fact that Beyonce, the woman who stood in front of the word Feminist in big letters on national television, probably would be really upset to see that people are saying things like this. 



She looks just fine to me. 

this is actually why the beyhive lowkey annoys me. theyre like yaaaas feminism beyonce yaaaaas then turn around and constantly tear down every female celeb in sight like lmfao. also britney is the same age as bey i think theyre only a few months apart. 

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Why is this not taught universally.

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It has also been confirmed from the directors that the next movie will explore more about the convoluted relationship between Steve Rogers (Capt. America) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier); as well as addressing the identity issues of Bucky.


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no war but the skeleton class war

the skeletariat will overthrow the bonegeoise 



no war but the skeleton class war

the skeletariat will overthrow the bonegeoise 

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"Do you trust me? We can do this. You and me, as one."

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